Friday, October 05, 2007

Rest In Peace, Dear Friend The Tube TV

You know that TV station I discovered waaaay back when? You know, in this post? (Oh, and that song is in my playlist, second from the top, if you feel the need to hear it.) The Tube TV?

Well, it is no more.

When The Tube's channel number no longer worked on October first, I was mad. I just thought it was another channel that the evil folks at the cable company had yanked on me, like EuroNews. Then I went to TheTube's website, and discovered this:
Dear friend of THE TUBE Music Network,

We regret to inform you of the fate that has befallen The Tube Music Network. October 1, 2007 The Tube ceased its national broadcast.

Viewers, Artists, Music Companies, Investors, Business Partners, TV stations, Cable companies, Advertisers , Friends and our creative partners @Radical Media - your support of The Tube has always been highly valued and appreciated. The collective efforts of this team, fueled by the letters we received from viewers, sustained THE TUBE as it struggled through the financial limitations that ultimately contributed to its incapacitated state.

Thank you for inviting The Tube Music Network into your life.


The Tube Music Network staff

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Whaaaaaa! I loved that channel! It was like MTV withought all the crappy shows! It was pure music! How can such an awesome idea go under? Is it because the public actually likes the drivel MTV shows better? (oh, right, we already know that)

The Tube was an awesome station and an awesome idea. It's too bad it had to end like it did. I will miss the station very much indeed.

Rest in peace, dear Tube.


  1. Chris, I hate to break it to you but I'm begining to see a pattern...

  2. Okay I just have to let you know I've been sitting here listening to your tunes!
    You have my taste in music which, if I do say so myself, is awesome!