Friday, June 26, 2009

My Slightly Creepy Obsession

Seeing as I'm too tired to write much today, I am instead going to share with you my obsession: this site. It's full of beautiful, haunting pictures taken in abandoned buildings in New England. There are more in the Flikr, too. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The world... flat?
...ends with you? too much with us? ship? not enough?
...according to Garp?
...should be ruled by The Avant Garden?

No, silly!
The world... as told by Google!

Seriously, the search suggestions from Google can be the source of much hilarity. (By the way, the top result for putting the "hilarity" into the Google search box is "hilarity ensues." Way to go, Google!) I mean, it's oodles of fun just putting random things in and seeing what the data accumulated from the searches of the world adds to them.

For example. I put in "we have." I get, among other things, "we have always lived in the castle" (WTF?) and "we have the technology." But "we have" is a fairly standard thing. What about Bloop?

Some results were "bloop bloop," "bloopwatch" (like Baywatch, only in Insanityville?), "blood pressure" (um, hello Google? Sometimes bloop is just bloop), and "blood creature" (I am trying very hard not to think about this too much). Just out of curiosity, after this I put in "bloop bloop," to see if it would do what I thought. Sure enough, it did- "bloop bloop bloop." It also returned "bloop bloop went the little green frog," which sound interesting, in a bizarre way- I mean, if it was "ribbit ribbit" it would be innocent enough, but in whose universe do frogs go "bloop bloop?" The logical conclusion is that whoever created "bloop bloop went the little green frog" is either delusional or tripping, either of which would lead to something I really want to see.

How about "random and?" I got "random and systematic errors," "random and useless facts" (w00t!), "random and funny," and "random and odd" (this is my new favorite phrase).

Now to get politically charged- "revolution!!!!" Some followup words I got were lyrics, myspace (so even revolution has a myspace now- wow, I'm really behind the times), prep (¡Viva la Revolución!), 9, tea, and (most worryingly) "for cats" and "for dogs." Now, I just had to click on that, and the result was anticlimactic- it's an anti-parasite product.

Then, I decided to get even more political and put in "revolution of." I got various dates which might be good for a history lesson, "the mask," and "the earth."

Now for the really fun part- click on the results that intrigue you, and see what they're really about. Prepare to waste the rest of your day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love me.

So I was just going through my files on my computer, innocent as can be. I come across an HTML document titled "lalala." (The fact that random files like these are common on my computer should tell you something about me. Recently I've been trying to clean them up.) When I clicked on it, what should open but a web page with this embedded in it and underneath it, the words "hahahaha you just got rickrolled, sucker! Love, Chris."

So I effectively just rickrolled myself. I didn't even think that was possible.

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Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty...

Hello, Avant Garden! Oh, how I have missed you. *twirls around*

I swear. Blogging is like an addiction. Think about it. When you try to quit, you continue to see things and think "oh, that would make a great post!" and randomly wonder about the nonexistent comments on your nonexistent posts. Or at least, that's what happened to me.

Now I bet you're all going to go all ninja-tastic on me for daring to quit. Why did I even bother? Well, I would like to say I just forgot my password again like the last time I abandoned this blog. But that wouldn't be the truth. This time, the blame for the abandonment falls squarely on me, not on my poor malfunctioning memory.

After several nights of sitting up late working on that ever-present scourge of the student, Homework, and thinking, "damn, I should really post something on my blog!" I decided enough was enough, and that I was giving up on my blog. Yes, giving up. During the school year I would (and will) never, ever, ever be able to produce enough free time to give this blog the attention it so badly deserves. So, from now on, the Avant Garden is a summer-only blog. This does not mean there will be no posts during the school year. At some point I may be compelled to post, or simply pull enough time out of a hat to allow for a brief statement of "I'm alive!" or something to that effect. But, don't hold your breath for it. That could end badly.

Now, the picky among you will point out that the last time I posted was in July, long before the school year could have started. The truth is, I really have no reason for stopping posting then. The best excuse I have is a bad case of terminal laziness. I just kept putting posts off and putting posts off and the next thing I knew, it was September. Yeah. I probably shouldn't let that happen again.

But for now... Look out world, the Avant Garden is once more open for business! Now society can once again get their fix of random crap they really didn't need! Rejoice!