Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The world...

...is flat?
...ends with you?
...is too much with us?
...cruise ship?
...is not enough?
...according to Garp?
...should be ruled by The Avant Garden?

No, silly!
The world... as told by Google!

Seriously, the search suggestions from Google can be the source of much hilarity. (By the way, the top result for putting the "hilarity" into the Google search box is "hilarity ensues." Way to go, Google!) I mean, it's oodles of fun just putting random things in and seeing what the data accumulated from the searches of the world adds to them.

For example. I put in "we have." I get, among other things, "we have always lived in the castle" (WTF?) and "we have the technology." But "we have" is a fairly standard thing. What about Bloop?

Some results were "bloop bloop," "bloopwatch" (like Baywatch, only in Insanityville?), "blood pressure" (um, hello Google? Sometimes bloop is just bloop), and "blood creature" (I am trying very hard not to think about this too much). Just out of curiosity, after this I put in "bloop bloop," to see if it would do what I thought. Sure enough, it did- "bloop bloop bloop." It also returned "bloop bloop went the little green frog," which sound interesting, in a bizarre way- I mean, if it was "ribbit ribbit" it would be innocent enough, but in whose universe do frogs go "bloop bloop?" The logical conclusion is that whoever created "bloop bloop went the little green frog" is either delusional or tripping, either of which would lead to something I really want to see.

How about "random and?" I got "random and systematic errors," "random and useless facts" (w00t!), "random and funny," and "random and odd" (this is my new favorite phrase).

Now to get politically charged- "revolution!!!!" Some followup words I got were lyrics, myspace (so even revolution has a myspace now- wow, I'm really behind the times), prep (¡Viva la Revolución!), 9, tea, and (most worryingly) "for cats" and "for dogs." Now, I just had to click on that, and the result was anticlimactic- it's an anti-parasite product.

Then, I decided to get even more political and put in "revolution of." I got various dates which might be good for a history lesson, "the mask," and "the earth."

Now for the really fun part- click on the results that intrigue you, and see what they're really about. Prepare to waste the rest of your day.

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