Monday, December 24, 2007

Holly Jolly

I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Oh, and a Happy Hannukah, too, if you celebrate that!

I probably won't be posting again until next year, which actually isn't as long as it sounds. Until then, I'd like to give you this link to get you out of those incredibly boring holiday parties that we have all faced at some point in our lives:

Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Is What I Do Best

Presenting the next part of Bee's meme at long last! This is the random one. It actually wasn't that hard, seeing how good I am at random things and all. Blame me for procrastinating it.

7 random things about me!!

1. I have an irrational fear of a certain song by The Decemberists.

2. Everyone says this music-blasting light up tree the people across the street bought and have in their front yard is annoying, and I agree, but I secretly like it and hate it that whenever the husband comes home he shuts the music off.

3. I am currently watching a fat guy in a red shirt and a jean skirt ride a bull on TV.

4. I had a crush on a cartoon character at 4.

5. I cannot make a decent rhyme- one that isn't like "thread" and "bread"- to save my life.

6. I can say the phrase "I sit and stare at nothing for hours on end" (je rest assis et je regarde fixement dans le vide pendant des heures) in French, but not much else.

7. I wiggle my ears when I'm trying to hear something, like it will actually help.

Now playing: Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man
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(I have always wanted to rewrite this song as Secret Asian Man)

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Bee was kind enough to tag me for not one, but two tag game meme things. I'm a little late with them. Here's the embarrassing one, as promised. Expect the random one soon.

8 (oh, okay... 4) EMBARRASSING THINGS

1. When I was in a play in, I don't know, 1st grade, I had the opening lines, and I went out to speak, in front of everyone in my whole entire family and the school, when the big piece of background scenery came crashing down on me from behind. I didn't even notice until it hit me. And it was caught on film. I have never truly recovered from that.

2. I have an unfortunate way of staring at any objects headed my way until they hit me. Call it Deer-In-Headlights Syndrome. When playing basketball once, someone threw the ball at me. Instead of catching it, I stared at it until it bounced off my upturned face. And it went into the basket! One in a million.

3. I slipped on ice on the top step after a nasty ice storm, once. It was a really comical Chaplin special, with one foot coming flying out from under me almost 90 degrees after planting it, and me landing flat on my butt. I bumped down all three stairs, and absolutely flew all the way down the path- on my butt, remember, with both legs and both arms flailing wildly- until I finally managed to skid to a stop where the paved little path bends. It must have looked hilarious. And I know a few people who were out at the right moment saw. Not to mention I had a bruise almost the length of my thigh that lasted more than a week. Owie.

4. I ripped my shorts one day this summer- a great big split, right down the back seam- and went around all day with it on. In the mall, with everyone and their uncle in it. I honestly did not notice until I took them off. How bad can that get??

5. No more, I've already humiliated myself enough...