Thursday, December 06, 2007


Bee was kind enough to tag me for not one, but two tag game meme things. I'm a little late with them. Here's the embarrassing one, as promised. Expect the random one soon.

8 (oh, okay... 4) EMBARRASSING THINGS

1. When I was in a play in, I don't know, 1st grade, I had the opening lines, and I went out to speak, in front of everyone in my whole entire family and the school, when the big piece of background scenery came crashing down on me from behind. I didn't even notice until it hit me. And it was caught on film. I have never truly recovered from that.

2. I have an unfortunate way of staring at any objects headed my way until they hit me. Call it Deer-In-Headlights Syndrome. When playing basketball once, someone threw the ball at me. Instead of catching it, I stared at it until it bounced off my upturned face. And it went into the basket! One in a million.

3. I slipped on ice on the top step after a nasty ice storm, once. It was a really comical Chaplin special, with one foot coming flying out from under me almost 90 degrees after planting it, and me landing flat on my butt. I bumped down all three stairs, and absolutely flew all the way down the path- on my butt, remember, with both legs and both arms flailing wildly- until I finally managed to skid to a stop where the paved little path bends. It must have looked hilarious. And I know a few people who were out at the right moment saw. Not to mention I had a bruise almost the length of my thigh that lasted more than a week. Owie.

4. I ripped my shorts one day this summer- a great big split, right down the back seam- and went around all day with it on. In the mall, with everyone and their uncle in it. I honestly did not notice until I took them off. How bad can that get??

5. No more, I've already humiliated myself enough...


  1. Okay um... [snicker] those weren't [bwahahaha!] uh... so bad! BWAHAHAHAHA!
    Sorry those are freakin hilarious! Although I feel bad for the little first grader Chris. :o(
    Please check out jean knee's brian's and berta's. they might make you feel better! ;op

    just as an FYI the word verification was:
    fuxdomea... so many things I see

  2. I like #1, though if there's film of it, you should post for all of us to enjoy, I mean to share your pain...

    It could have been the turning point in your life - when you realised that you wanted to become a slapstick comedy artiste.

  3. I just wish someone had captured your slippery fall on film.. could become a utube cult classic

  4. When I was 5, I was walking thru the park and a stray soft ball wacked me on the head and I was unconsious for a minute or so. Ever since then I can't have people throw things at me cuz I move out of the way.
    I move out of the way

    I got hit in the face with a basketball once and it took a while to stop wincing each time the ball came at me.

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