Friday, November 30, 2007

And this is not unusual dress, for her.

Random Writings Phrase of the Day:

“She has green tights.”

I'll leave the rest up to you on this one...


  1. To match her red naughty Mrs. Santa outfit?
    So she can dress us as the green M&M?
    To hide in the forrest?

  2. Yeah I do!!

  3. Bee: No, she was really just wearing them, as the title says- it was used to identify her, she wears them so often. The full context goes something like:
    "Some girl's here."
    "She has green tights."
    "Oh, okay, I'll be right out."
    But any more exiting circumstances are welcome. I like the green M&M one! Mmm, chocolate- dang, now I really want M&Ms.

    Bee Rocks: LOL!!!

  4. She has green tights
    But she only puts them on
    In bed some nights
    When the other nuns have gone
    To sleep.

  5. Chris!! I just tagged you for one of those meme craps come over to my blogus to check it out. You have to do it, it's the law.

  6. First thing I thought of was

    ..and takes them off on stormy nights

    Guess I have a dirty mind.

    Hey, I wanted to thank you for your story at photos 412 and 408 which were great - and let you know I've finally commented all these stories as well as posted my own. I photo 408 was posted over 4 months ago! I should get a "Slowest Blogger Award"