Monday, November 05, 2007

Aitsu Chotto Hen

This is the theme song (with subtitles for us English-speaker's convenience) for a new discovery I have made trolling the web- a Japanese cartoon called Afro Ken. Leave it to me to find something this random, right? Anyway, the show does not make any sense, but is strangely appealing. (kind of like my blog!) It's also always very cute. Afro Ken is a cute little dog with an shape-shifting afro. He is attracted to fluffy things and also takes their shape. He is "Honest, Innocent, and Happy" in personality. The show is focused around some things- Afro Ken and his various forms, a father and son who always find Afro Ken in the most random places (like in a pea pod...?), and bits of Zen-Master type life lessons (i.e. "When you accept things, love grows," "Goals should be set high and ambitions embraced," "If you believe something is possible, you can make it possible," etc.) complete with the Zen-Master voice to say them, and illustrated by, as always, Afro Ken. I rather like it.

If after my eloquent and convincing description (hah!) you feel the need to see a whole, entire, English-subtitled, kooky episode of Afro Ken, here's the link to one on YouTube, in three parts: 1, 2, 3.

PS: I spied another Christmas tree in a window today! And this one was fully decorated!

PSS: If you listen to the song long enough it sounds like they're saying "It's the African!"

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(LOL, after finishing this I realized how appropriate this song was for the post!)

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