Saturday, November 24, 2007

Take That, Bad Grammar!

If there's one thing that miffs me on the web, it's stuff like this:
heyyyyyy i like ur blog cuz itz cool k cul8r!!!!!
I understand using it for texts if you get charged by the character. Heck, if you got charged by the character, I'd shorten even more that that. I'd abbreviate everything. It would be funny. I love abbreviating random things. I would just write stuff like SWU? and people would have to guess what it meant (in this case I was thinking So, what's up?). But on the internet there's no reason for it. It's just plain lazy. Not to mention bad grammar irritates me. Grammar Nazi here! So when I saw this avatar today, I was like "Heck, yes!" Enjoy The Grammar Geek avatar!

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  1. Okay, you are so unconventional even in weird you're weird, I mean that in a good way.
    It cracks me up that you're a grammer Nazi!

  2. I'm whatever the opposite is of a Grammer Nazi (Grammer Libertarian?). Though I agree with a lot (alot, allot?) of the things in that box ;-)

    The main problem I have with this sort of thing is that people embalm the language at some point in time (usually the way they were taught it).

    We've got to obey rules for comprehensibility. Beyond that we need to let the language live and change.

    Otherwise you end up with something dead like Latin. Or French.

  3. Bee: I have no idea what that meant, but you mean it a good way, so thanks!

    Brian: I do agree that language needs to evolve- but still, using wrong grammar seems like a cardinal sin to me. That's what happens when your mom is an English prof.- you have all those rules ingrained in you from birth!

  4. LOL I'm sure all my posts irritate you as I am a grammer transgressor. but thank goodness there are people in the world who are grammer Natzis becasue people like me (who were not taught the rules in school due to some change in the percieved best way to teach reading and writing to children was in play)need them.
    There you go a whole sentence to have fun correcting ; )