Saturday, July 21, 2007

Should I laugh or cry at this...?

Random Photo

Listening To: 23 by Blonde Redhead

What poem is that that they put on the Blogger format preview pages...? You know, this? Am I just stupid not to know?

Cue the Random Photo!! This is a photo I took of a car sign in Lisboa. I love how it's so to the point. I don't think anyone could mistake its meaning, though I'm sure you get the occasional moron who thinks it means you MUST drive your car into the water or a severe penalty will be enforced!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chris and the Amazing Technicolor Blog Page

For lack of better decorating you will need to bear with the current, rainbow, eye-smarting, in full and amazing Technicolor page coloration as of now. I basically just went wild with the color-changing feature until I got something that looked like its colors mostly matched, in an abstract sense, maybe, to someone colorblind. But it could have been worse, as I was toying with several, worse background ideas before settling on blue- a really neon yellow that will give you a headache if stared at for more than three consecutive seconds (hexadecimal #FFE303 if you really want to give yourself a headache in 3 seconds flat), a faintly nauseating shade of pale lavender, and Olive Green. So, consider yourself lucky I was swayed to the blue.

Random Thought: If you were brainwashed, would you remember it?

Random Link

I'm baaaack!

Randomness, you are not dead yet.

You may be resurrected... rebuilt better, faster, and with a way more creative title. I'm working on it! Reason I disappeared is that I was away from the blog for the longest time and when I decided to return, I had forgotten my password (the horror!) and was effectively locked out of Blogger. But, two days ago I had a stunning revelation... typed in the ol' password I was certain I had left it as but wasn't working, except this time minus one superfluous character and plus one capital letter... and was IN!!! Huzzah!

I'm working on a total revamp of the place as waaay back when I started this I really didn't know a bit about blogging. But now I do! And besides, everything had almost 3 inches of dust on it, and cobwebs everywhere, too. Achoo!