Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm baaaack!

Randomness, you are not dead yet.

You may be resurrected... rebuilt better, faster, and with a way more creative title. I'm working on it! Reason I disappeared is that I was away from the blog for the longest time and when I decided to return, I had forgotten my password (the horror!) and was effectively locked out of Blogger. But, two days ago I had a stunning revelation... typed in the ol' password I was certain I had left it as but wasn't working, except this time minus one superfluous character and plus one capital letter... and was IN!!! Huzzah!

I'm working on a total revamp of the place as waaay back when I started this I really didn't know a bit about blogging. But now I do! And besides, everything had almost 3 inches of dust on it, and cobwebs everywhere, too. Achoo!

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