Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chris and the Amazing Technicolor Blog Page

For lack of better decorating you will need to bear with the current, rainbow, eye-smarting, in full and amazing Technicolor page coloration as of now. I basically just went wild with the color-changing feature until I got something that looked like its colors mostly matched, in an abstract sense, maybe, to someone colorblind. But it could have been worse, as I was toying with several, worse background ideas before settling on blue- a really neon yellow that will give you a headache if stared at for more than three consecutive seconds (hexadecimal #FFE303 if you really want to give yourself a headache in 3 seconds flat), a faintly nauseating shade of pale lavender, and Olive Green. So, consider yourself lucky I was swayed to the blue.

Random Thought: If you were brainwashed, would you remember it?

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