Friday, November 30, 2007

And this is not unusual dress, for her.

Random Writings Phrase of the Day:

“She has green tights.”

I'll leave the rest up to you on this one...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Me, too.

Two rather odd (but what did you expect from me?) PostSecrets I can very much relate to me.

Now you will know two pretty weird details about myself.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Take That, Bad Grammar!

If there's one thing that miffs me on the web, it's stuff like this:
heyyyyyy i like ur blog cuz itz cool k cul8r!!!!!
I understand using it for texts if you get charged by the character. Heck, if you got charged by the character, I'd shorten even more that that. I'd abbreviate everything. It would be funny. I love abbreviating random things. I would just write stuff like SWU? and people would have to guess what it meant (in this case I was thinking So, what's up?). But on the internet there's no reason for it. It's just plain lazy. Not to mention bad grammar irritates me. Grammar Nazi here! So when I saw this avatar today, I was like "Heck, yes!" Enjoy The Grammar Geek avatar!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks!


Below I have posted a link to the lyrics to Alice's Restaurant. I won't torture everyone by posting the whole thing right here. I just have a link, so if you want to read them, you can, but if you don't want to, you don't have to. It will also keep me from stretching out my blog page by a ton, because that song is more than 20 minutes long and it's all talking. Now there's something to be thankful for. Enjoy!

By the way, I guess listening to the whole of Alice's Restaurant on Thanksgiving is a New England thing. Hmm. Who knew?
Also, the full version of this song is on my blog playlist, so if you have never heard it you may enrich your life with it.

**please excuse the huge text, try as I might I can't seem to make it smaller... Blogger being wacky**

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

As Seen On Cops!

(now there's an attention-grabbing headline if there ever was one)
(yet another weird story from my weird life)

A few nights ago, at around 4:00 AM, they were playing Cops on TV. I decided to watch for the heck of it.

They were arresting two guys in Florida who were acting (or maybe driving) suspiciously. They said they were honest and innocent, and worked 50 hours a week, and all that. Then one of then undid the effect by making a break for it. The police set dogs on him and everything. Then once they had them with their hands up, they searched the car. In the back, they found a plate that had crack on it, and they confiscated it and arrested them.

I'm sure you're wondering what this has to do with anything. I'm getting to it. You know how they were carrying the crack on a plate?

It was MY PLATE!!!

Honestly, I have a plate that looks exactly like that one! Size and everything! The plate is older that dirt and slightly ugly, depending on what your preference is. It's very 7os, white with a border of olive green flowers. I don't even know where I got them, I think from a yard sale (now there's luxury for you). And it's exactly the same plate that was on Cops. Precisely. Right down to the last flower. Maybe I should sell that plate on Ebay with a screenshot of the show and the words "As Seen On Cops!!!"

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Who Knew? (I Did)

I took a serious (honestly, it was for real, complete with psychobabble) personality test...

And the results, as I can discern them, said that I live on the cusp of Reality and a Fairytale World.

Would I make this up?

I think it's very true...

PS: You can take that test here, just make sure you have plenty of time on your hands as it's like 75 questions long. I was INFP, in case anyone had a burning desire to know, which I doubt.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Aitsu Chotto Hen

This is the theme song (with subtitles for us English-speaker's convenience) for a new discovery I have made trolling the web- a Japanese cartoon called Afro Ken. Leave it to me to find something this random, right? Anyway, the show does not make any sense, but is strangely appealing. (kind of like my blog!) It's also always very cute. Afro Ken is a cute little dog with an shape-shifting afro. He is attracted to fluffy things and also takes their shape. He is "Honest, Innocent, and Happy" in personality. The show is focused around some things- Afro Ken and his various forms, a father and son who always find Afro Ken in the most random places (like in a pea pod...?), and bits of Zen-Master type life lessons (i.e. "When you accept things, love grows," "Goals should be set high and ambitions embraced," "If you believe something is possible, you can make it possible," etc.) complete with the Zen-Master voice to say them, and illustrated by, as always, Afro Ken. I rather like it.

If after my eloquent and convincing description (hah!) you feel the need to see a whole, entire, English-subtitled, kooky episode of Afro Ken, here's the link to one on YouTube, in three parts: 1, 2, 3.

PS: I spied another Christmas tree in a window today! And this one was fully decorated!

PSS: If you listen to the song long enough it sounds like they're saying "It's the African!"

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(LOL, after finishing this I realized how appropriate this song was for the post!)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Forget Thanksgiving!

Every year, I've noticed it. It is getting more and more evident.

Christmas is poised to take over the world.

I am not kidding.

Every year its season is creeping steadily more forward. It has already swallowed up Thanksgiving, for the most part. If things proceed as planned, Halloween will be next to take a back seat to the holiday.

It's already November, which means the holiday season is starting! There is no snow on the ground. The leaves aren't even all gone for heaven's sake. But I'm already getting Christmas catalogs. XM has already put up a Christmas channel and will be adding more soon. People are starting their Christmas shopping. Proof of this can be found in the local mall, which is already, undoubtedly in full-blown Christmas mode. Decorations, trees, Christmas sale signs and advertisements, Santas, carols on the mall radio, and all. Heck, somebody in my neighborhood is already proudly displaying their eight-foot-tall Christmas tree in their front picture window. They had it up two days before Halloween. It's in the process of being decorated now.

Not that there's anything wrong with this. Goodness knows I love Christmas. You should have seen how excited I got when I found the Christmas channel. But once Christmas starts creeping into the summer months, it will probably start to seem quite ridiculous.