Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Is What I Do Best

Presenting the next part of Bee's meme at long last! This is the random one. It actually wasn't that hard, seeing how good I am at random things and all. Blame me for procrastinating it.

7 random things about me!!

1. I have an irrational fear of a certain song by The Decemberists.

2. Everyone says this music-blasting light up tree the people across the street bought and have in their front yard is annoying, and I agree, but I secretly like it and hate it that whenever the husband comes home he shuts the music off.

3. I am currently watching a fat guy in a red shirt and a jean skirt ride a bull on TV.

4. I had a crush on a cartoon character at 4.

5. I cannot make a decent rhyme- one that isn't like "thread" and "bread"- to save my life.

6. I can say the phrase "I sit and stare at nothing for hours on end" (je rest assis et je regarde fixement dans le vide pendant des heures) in French, but not much else.

7. I wiggle my ears when I'm trying to hear something, like it will actually help.

Now playing: Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man
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(I have always wanted to rewrite this song as Secret Asian Man)


  1. Is it "My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist"? :op

    It's not fair that you don't say what cartoon character...

  2. No, it's "O Valencia!" That song creeps me out.

    I didn't say who because I was afraid of dating myself.

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