Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What I Noticed On Saturday, by Chris

(some of these may be ever so slightly exaggerated)

A man walking down the side of the road holding what looked like a whole tower case full of CDs, without a case. They were everywhere. His arms were full of loads of them and they were sticking out of all his pockets (and he had quite a few). I give him major points for not dropping any. None of them were in cases, either. He was holding one out like he was looking at it, in particular. But what caught my attention was that he actually was carrying a few CDs in his mouth! Yep, that's right, holding them in his teeth like how a dog catches a Frisbee. I wonder what he needed them all for, and why he couldn't get a bag or something for them.

In the restaurant, a woman sitting alone at a table with like 6 emptied wine glasses in front of her, and one more half full. No food, just wine glasses, and lots of 'em. Go lady go! The seventh is always the best. I'm surprised she could stay in her chair.

1 comment:

  1. CD Guy:
    He was obviously kicked out of his house by his wife for not putting all the dual ownership CDs away. High five to his wife! ;op

    Wine lady:
    Had just kicked out her husband for being an inconsiderate fool and not putting all their CDs away.