Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Experiment In (Un)Flattery

Is this person pretty or ugly? It is the same person in both. You decide...

Her thick hair shimmered the deep, rich, earthy color of mohagony, tinted with autumnal colors like shimmering gold and flame red. Her eyes were large and dreamy, a deep, almost bottomless, the rich dark color of chocolate. Her skin was a light Sicilian golden-brown olive color, tanned from the sun, with a charming sprinkling of freckles across the cheeks. Her arms and legs were most attractively long. So were her fingers, long and elegantly tapered to the tips, perfect for playing the piano or holding a pen with.

Her hair was the dark brown color of a mud puddle. Her eyes were quite big, taking up most of her face and giving her a constant deer-in-headlights look, and the almost same muddy and murky color as her hair. Her skin was burned beyond belief, like you get from being outside in the summer 24/7, and across her cheeks a few freckles were carelessly scattered, like a last-minute hasty detail. Her arms and legs were so unnaturally long it looked rather as if her entirety had been stretched out. Not even her fingers had escaped, as long, thin, and bony as spider legs.

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