Saturday, October 20, 2007


I have downloaded FoxyTunes. It's a software you can use to listen to music through Firefox (which I have, too). It rocks! Literally! I love it. And, as I discovered while writing the last post, it has a built in music signature option! You know how I do that sometimes, when I feel like typing it out? Well, not I can save myself the typing of that! I just have to click a button! It's awesome! And just what am I listening to? You'll see...

P.S.- Click the song name and see what you find- even neater.

Now playing: The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight & New Mother Nature
via FoxyTunes

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  1. Hey girlie- I just noticed you gave us a linkie to CBF. You have prolly had it up forever, and I am slow like that. But thanks, link love is always appreciated by CBD. Your blog cracks me up, and there is no way you are 12, so fess up.