Friday, August 06, 2010

Mannequins, H-Bombs, and Radioactive Roast Beef

Remember how I broke down that video of Sedated Shaun not so long ago? That was so much fun, I decided to do it again. But this time, I'm taking down a video of Operation Cue, a nuclear bomb test in Nevada in 1955.

I'm not sure what these Sheeple Files mentioned at the beginning are, but I like them already.
A real-life nuclear detonation broadcast on TV? Damn, TV ain't what it used to be.
I think I might have spotted Pinnochio's cousin. No, really, go back and look at that person wrapped up in white. The hell?
Somehow the presence of a white truck clearly labeled Casualty Control does not make this feel very safe. That implies there will be casualties and they're only there to make sure they don't get too out of hand.
I'm looking for volunteer work right now. Unfortunately, I haven't had the luck to find a chance to observe an H-bomb test from a "trench relatively close to Ground Zero." It's the most exciting way to get cancer around!
I love that the goggles are considered the only protection necessary.
That countdown interspersed with vague shadowy scenes looks straight out of a horror movie.
Listen to that music right after the bomb goes off. It's amazing.
And now for some footage of the Test Objects, as Mrs. Narrator so delicately called them, getting blown to hell.
Keep listening to the background music. It sounds like the Closet Killer Paramount theme in places. I think they put more effort into the soundtrack than the video. I also think whoever wrote this soundtrack was a good bit more frightened of the test than Mrs. Narrator, who remains blithely excited through the whole video.
I saw the video of the house at 2:25 in a documentary about nukes as a small child. It may have scarred me for life.
Oh. My. God. Were mannequins really necessary for this test??? Namely, child mannequins? Those things are creepy enough without a context... Also, because the joke had to be made: That house was so built for a nuclear family.
Yes, wait twenty-four hours to view the wreckage. By that point everything should be through except the radiation, and who cares about that?
The concrete bunker house survived! What a surprise.
Okay, new Mr. Narrator, I know you're happy your improvements did something, but I don't think more structural integrity is going to help when there's no roof and nothing left inside the house.
How are we supposed to tell that blast shelters cannot be relied on from that shot? It looks like their mannequin test subjects are doing just fine. Then again, mannequins usually look like they're doing just fine.
Hooray for reinforced bathrooms! If the apocalypse comes while you're on the john, you should be just fine.
Awkward handshake sighted.
Who cares about everything else- if we get bombed tomorrow, the consumer-sized tanks of petroleum should be intact! Civilization shall live on!
I like how this video assumes that if the Reds push the button, the first order of business in the US will be to make sure the oil is okay, the electricity is on, and the radio is broadcasting. They had fallout shelters for the government, after all, so everyone important would be okay.
"Do you remember this young lady?" I don't think I want to.
I really do not think what the blast did to the mannequin's clothes should be a priority.
His new dark suit is charred? I think he looks a bit charred himself.
Mmmm, potentially irradiated roast beef. Nice to know that after the nuclear holocaust, we'll at least have delicious food.
Thanks for reminding us it's a test. I would have thought some random houses in the middle of the desert filled with mannequins would be an ideal target for the Soviets.
"Multimegaton weapons would result in much greater damage over a larger area." NO SHIT
Let me amend that last sentence: " we plan for the survival of our homes, our families, our mannequins, our radio stations, our electricity, our oil supply, our delicious roast beef, and our nation in... The Nuclear Age."


  1. Wow.
    (sits under desk with book over my head)

  2. her voice is... so creepy...
    and Little Jimmy [the out-of-context mannequin C mentioned] would so be right at home there