Monday, August 09, 2010

The Leaflets

I just picked this up around the internet, so sadly I can't credit it to anyone. Whoever made it is brilliant, however. It's the most amazing mondegreen I have yet seen. Can you figure out what it's from?

(PS: All my Wikipedia links are secure now because I use this Firefox add-on. You should check it out.)


  1. Gotcha! ;-)
    (us ol' ladies sure r slow aren't we?) :-)
    Oh and I take this as a good sign, my captcha is "matty" MY best friend's name. :-)

  2. oh C... NO, I refuse your more-https-in-more-places add-on. but yes, the leaflets! reflection is not the same!

    my captcha is beldoro which would make an awesome last name.

  3. There ya go, the name of a character in your next story C!
    Matty Beldoro!

  4. yeah! a name made entirely out of captchas...

    c, might you have found the leaflets *snicker* floating on the internet?