Friday, July 30, 2010

Random FAQs

So, do you actually read all the blogs in your blogroll?
Naaaaaah. Contrary to popular belief, I actually have a life sometimes.

Which ones do you read?
That's a trade secret, buddy.

If you don't read them, then why are they here?
Because I like having a huge, impressive, slightly annoying blogroll. I also use that list as something of a backup for my bookmarks. If I like a blog, it goes there, whether I actually check it or not.

And your other link list, what's up with that?
That is for sites that I like that are not blogs. They only go there if I know the sites themselves will probably never be posted, the exception being New England Ruins.

Your color scheme is really fucking annoying, will you ever change it? I hear Blogger has a fancy new template editor you can use to look all Web 2.0.
NEVAR! The Avant Garden is going to remain neon for a very, very long time. I don't care about being Web 2.0, isn't that so last year anyway? One day in the distant, vague future I may redesign, but you can rest easy- the redesign will be no less "fucking annoying."

What about your playlist, do you listen to everything there or is that just to be impressive too?
How dare you suggest such things? Of course I listen to everything on that playlist. That is where songs I really like go. Insult the wrong one and I may virtually behead you.

I went through all your interesting internet locales. What the hell is wrong with you?


  1. My contributions to the Playlist: Damaged Goods, Holocaust, Add It Up, Rock Star [indirectly...], Ask, ska-Ask, Pull My Strings, EVERYTHING COUNTS [you cannot comprehend how much I ADORE this song], M79, Viva Las Vegas, Alex Chilton, Shoplifters of the World Unite, Deeeebaaaserrrr, Blank Generation, October First Account [indirectly once again], and the marvelous ending Get Up.

    never insult the playlist or C will decapitate the fuck out of you.


  2. Ok this made me lol. :-)