Monday, July 05, 2010

Bothered By Street Art?

Maddened by graffiti? Enraged by stickers? Put off by posters? Saddened by stencils? Here's your solution:


  1. pretty awesome. I want this in my room.

    & if anyone from the International CC Hunt [aka a certain forum] is reading this: Hi guys! Here's a hint: I AM THE HINT. IT'S A MYSTERY!

  2. LOL What kind oif hint is that.

    Will we ever know who the mysterious CC is?


  3. I did consider putting my Hint into a code. I ditched that idea, though. It's still confusing without there being the letter Q so heavily involved. Shame...

  4. Rats I would have loved the code...THe letter Q is that another hint Missy? LOL

  5. PS I figured out your Hint Annonymouse but unfortunately I still can't find CC's hint .. Apparently I have hidden object /clue fail going on ::Snicker::

  6. hah! no, C and I have a code we use sometimes based off of the letter Q, because we're dorks and it looks like a balloon.
    I don't think she left a hint of her own.