Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's more irritating than the colors of my blog!

Do you use Firefox? Do you have the Personas add-on? Do you think you spend too much time surfing the web? A cure has finally arrived.

Through modern technology, a Persona has been developed that is so bright, so frantic, so annoying, that you will only be concerned with making it go away as quickly as possible. You'll be amazed by how easy it is to quit surfing once it's installed.

Side effects may include headaches, irritability, eye strain, excessive cursing, and an aversion to bright colors. Not recommended for those with epilepsy.

Here it is... The Miracle Cure!

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  1. i don't want to know
    i don't want to know
    i don't want to know

    ["I didn't just see that..."]