Sunday, July 04, 2010

America is Grand!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in America! This picture is a negative of the US flag. Stare at that little dot in the middle (no, that isn't something with your screen like I thought it was) for a while and you'll have an afterimage of the Stars and Stripes in front of everything you look at. That's very patriotic, isn't it?

In recent All-American news, Lady Gaga has now surpassed President Obama in Facebook fans. Happy birthday, America!

In honor of the Fourth, I am going to be posting some exciting things that are not American. (What? This is the Avant Garden. Nothing makes sense.)

1 comment:

  1. nooo, America is great because we used to have great things like the Ramones. and sentient presidents.
    yeah I'm really tired and that fucking negative is back. taunting me.