Friday, August 24, 2007


Am I the only person who feels almost obsessive-compulsive after watching this whole thing carefully thrice through listening to the subtle changes in the fanfare, and watching the height of the mountain change? For example, in the slide-in "Television" phase, I noticed the mountain get higher for one year only before getting chopped back to normal. I guess they noticed it was obscuring the all-important word "Television."

EDIT: After watching again and meticulously counting, I have some actual years. In 1974, apparently, they acquired a theme song that would stay for quite a while. And the year the mountain grew was 1987, I think. One starts to lose track at about 1982. It's definitely at 00:27, if you want to skip to there and see. Oh, and the post title is the theme fanfare of theirs I remember best. It certainly wasn't their only.

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