Monday, August 20, 2007


Wow! I just realized today I actually have comments on some posts! When I first started the blog I'd check daily for comments, but when none came I gave up. Imagine my surprise when I take a closer look at my own blog today and see... comments!!! I feel so special. I'm not sure exactly where one is supposed to answer comments, in the comments section or in a blog post, or if you're supposed to do so or not. But I do at least want everyone to know I have read them, and I will return the favor. Also, I would like to answer a few questions.

Firstly, the lovely marmie kit in my profile photo is not mine. I just liked the photo. I will put up a photo of one of my actual cats eventually, though.

Secondly, I had no idea the Uncategorizable Paradox already existed. I just thought it was more of my over-analyzing.

And lastly, pasting random phrases has actually happened to other people? Wow. I wonder if there's a compilation of them all somewhere. Maybe they're a programmer's joke or something.

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