Saturday, July 02, 2011

Stats Mania

I just discovered the wonder that is my Stats page. Some of the exciting things I found:
  •  The most popular search term for getting to my blog, by far, is "the radium water worked fine until his jaw came off." Who knew there was such an untapped need out there to learn about Radioactive Quackery?
  • Two lucky people, however, have found my blog by searching for "urinal spinny things." I don't know, and I really don't want to know.
  • People have also found my blog searching for "habitat of the radish" and "band names that start with 'the holy'" (which I do not understand why I am a result for, and which also apparently happened today).
  • I was visited a couple times by someone searching "if you can't tell if its potato borscht, there might be children working in the mines." I'd like to think I helped them out.
  • Apparently I also get a lot of hits from my pathetic animation of a stick figure doing the Macarena. Because of this, this is also my most-viewed post of all time, which I feel is a little unfair to all my other awesome posts.
  • People have viewed my blog from iPods, iPads, and iPhones. In fact, more people have visited my site on an iPhone than using Linux. (However, far more people have visited using Other Unix operating systems, which I find very interesting indeed. I guess I really do attract nerds.)
  • My blog has been viewed three times from a fucking PSP.
  • I have gotten hits from Iran, Brazil, Ukraine, Malaysia, Georgia, and Latvia. In fact, I got views from Latvia, Georgia, and Malaysia on this very day, which makes me feel very international.
  • My grand, all-time total of page views as of right now is 8,859, which is about 8,850 more than I expected it to be. Thanks, random people!

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