Friday, June 17, 2011

In Other News

I'm using the new post creator now! (Way to go Blogger, for hiding the upgrade in an obscure corner of the settings.) I can do so many exciting things now!

I can change my font! And change it again!And again! I can strike through things!  I can change the color of my writing and the area around it!   Wow, if I wanted to, I could make my blog doubly annoying by writing everything like that... but I won't. (Thank me.) I have an undo button now! I can add Posting Locations!



As you can probably tell, I've been playing around with Blogger's fancy new functions. They're really exciting. I can make Pages now, even though I haven't figured out what I'd do with the pages. There's also a fancy new blog designer, but I'm afraid to touch it because it could reject my old-fashioned layout here. I spent a lot of time on this layout, and I like it, dammit, however much it may give everyone in the general vicinity a headache. I also discovered I can change my URL at any time (such power!). So I tried to change my URL to randomnessbychris, because randomnessbycc has never really made sense. CC was never my posting name. It worked, but the URL change made Google eat my huge-ass blogroll over there. Bad Google. Thankfully it came back when I switched back to the old URL. So until that bug gets fixed, your bookmarks are safe. When it does, though... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! *evil laughter*

I wonder if I can put a see more under a see more?

No. I guess not. Oh, Google, quit spoiling my fun.

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