Monday, September 06, 2010

Things That Make You Feel Like An Idiot

Hand pointers.

By that, I mean sticks with a little pointing hand on the end of them, used to illustrate things on PowerPoint slides and exciting things like that. (They're a little creepy, now that I think about it.)
Sure, while using them they're nifty, but what do you do with them when you're done?

I have had to hold one of these for someone before. The thing is, with a pointer like this, you are always pointing at something or someone, whether you wish to or not. When you see it's pointing at some random person's leg you'll feel like a creep and then aim it at a table. Then you're realize how stupid it must look to be obviously pointing at a table and will casually flick it up to point at the ceiling. Shortly after this it will occur to you how bizarre pointing at the ceiling must look, and, humiliated, you point it at the ground before realizing that's not much better. In a final moment of desperation, you'll point the finger at yourself, before realizing that now you just look like an egotistical bastard. And then you give up and set the pointer down, trying desperately to ignore whatever you are calling attention to now.

No, there is just nothing good you can do with a hand pointer that is not in use.

1 comment:

  1. I REMEMBER THIS!!! didn't I keep hitting you with it and pointing at the nuns and then you were like "you creep, stop that," and so you got to hold it...

    I want one, still.