Tuesday, September 07, 2010

News Flash! *blink*

Well, I have some bad news for the three* of you that read this blog. Tomorrow I start school, which means any posts after this one will be uncertain. I'll probably be able to get in a few here and there still, but don't plan your life around it or anything.

Want a bit of news to make this a bit better? I have come across an alternative name for the Hair Chorus: Mount Rushmore. Is that not amazing?

Also, every time it says 1 Comments down below a post I die a little inside. Not because there are so few comments, of course (I'm used to my blog's pathetic readership), but because it's so damn gramatically incorrect. So do a good deed, spare me the irritation, and comment some more. I'll respond this time!

*I know I'm being a bit optimistic here

(I also know this post title was groan-worthy, and I apologize sincerely)


  1. 1) I see you every day, so it's ok for me! :D

    2) Mount Rushmore. oooh mount rushmore. I love nicole for saying that. you really need to meet her

    3) sorry for making you die a little inside all the time.

    4) RESPOND PLEASE THEN. heeheehee

    5) dude, who's the third?!

    6) my captcha is unkjack. I have a character named jack. this is CREEPY.

  2. ALSO I will assist you. there. multiple comments. ALL from me.

    but I forgot. c. you neglected to mention our brilliant interpretations of depeche mode in emoticons. you cannot deny those were amazing. here, have a fletcher. *:|

  3. We need to finalize our interpretations before I can post... so far the only one that is nailed down is \o/

    1. Yes! 6 out of 8 periods FTW
    2. I do. It will happen. Eventually.
    3. No, it's really my fault. I could make it say something else but I never have.
    4. I AM
    5. I told you I was being optimistic

  4. uh... I was going to make 6 my captcha, but then it didn't give me one. wtf

  5. agreed. there is really not much dave does except flails around. he doesn't make spectacular faces like martin or have scrubbie hair like fletcher or have the unhinged jaw omgwilder seems to have. he just... \o/s.

    2) it's be nice if we somehow ended up in newbury comics when she was working. hint. hint hint.
    3) fail.
    4) DEEEERP
    5) the third person is yourself?
    6) my captcha is upront, which is hancreepy enough to cover your lack of one. "oooh... heh heh, upront. hahahaha."