Friday, February 15, 2008

This Button...

So? What is it called?

A: The Emergency Flasher Button
B: The Hazard Light Button
C: Pizza for everyone!
D: Iunno but it looks muy importante.
E: THE PANIC BUTTON!!!!!!1!!!!!eleventy-one!!!!!

The correct answer is E. Okay, technically it's A. But I think it's E. Various people have corrected me, but I refuse to think otherwise. Because it's funny. It makes me picture people hitting the button and then running around the car waving their arms and screaming. And because such a button, all big and red and centered and dangerous-looking, just looks like, I don't know, a panic button should look. (Because when I see triangles, I think panic!)


  1. I also would go with E. I never thought about it before but triangles do inspire panic in me.

  2. LOL! The running! The arms waving ina a usless dance of panic! I love the imagery!