Sunday, February 17, 2008

ALWAYS Read The Small Print.

You could get the LOL of a lifetime.

Disclaimer: No fluffy warm creatures were maimed, dismembered, tortured, deplumed, discarded, deflowered, dropped, twisted, wrung out, extended, respliced, broken, humiliated, irradiated, brow beaten, pickled, deluded, duped, detained, mishandled, desiccated, bronzed, belittled, coddled, expelled, deported, imbibed, elected, marginalized, placated, misrepresented, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, overly petted, genetically altered, or cloned during the making of this product. Except, of course, for Bunny and Bear. Nuff Said."

- from the notorious WCEE Credits Easter Egg in all versions of IE. This cracked me up! (I've added punctuation and got rid of errant capitalization and spaces for better readability. And better grammar *coughGrammar Nazicough*) The Bunny and Bear were famous Microsoft in-jokes that you can read all about in Wikipedia if you feel the need to.

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  1. Deflowered?? Jumpin' Jahoozaphet!

    By the way,good or bad, my hair pictures are now up.