Friday, June 06, 2008

Not just for the few!

This is a hilarious 70s PSA. Not only is the song a hell of an earworm, it makes VD (more commonly known today as STDs) sound like something everyone wants- I mean, it's for everyone, and the people in the pictures are all happy and doing well. And the picture of the baby puzzled me- it could be a veiled reference that sex gives you a VD, or implying (as I took it as at first glance) that you can even get this terrible (or, as most would take from the context, wonderful) VD thing from a baby. Huh?

BY THE WAY: It's officially summertime! Guess what that means- more blogging! I know I haven't posted for a long long time, but now that it's summer I'm not busy! Yay!

1 comment:

  1. Your funny! I usually have less time to blog during the summer.