Friday, September 21, 2007

Miffed Robot Phantasmagorias

Sometimes I really wish I could sketch just so I could draw the things I dream about- some of them are really pretty.

Another thing that I find weird is- WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE AND ROBOTIC CATS? It miffs me because I know there are lots of cats in shelters who need homes. And they're way better than robots.

Also, there's something else about these. These things are all well and good with cutesy music playing in the background on a pink backdrop, but in real life it looks jerky, and the meow sounds very pre-recorded. It's hard to the touch and after a while you figure out exactly how to make it purr or hiss (at least on mine it's this way) because you can quite easily feel the buttons you need to press under the fake fur. Not only that but you can hear the motors whirring with every move, which sends it down into the uncanny valley from weird into downright creepy. I have some US robo-cats, don't ask where I got them. One is a very fake-looking grey and white one that just meows, purrs, moves its head, and twitches its ears (accompanied by the ever-present mechanic whirring) and one is a black "newborn" that's newer and more complicated- it also kind of squints, kneads its paws, and twitches its tail. Since it's far smaller its servos hit a very high and annoying drone when it moves, unlike the whirring of the big one.

This is a video I found without cutesy music of the Yume Neko Smile:

I also love the word miff. It's just fun. I say it as much as I can. Miff. Miff.

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